Designer Ladies Boutique

Style Therapist and Fashion Designer Manju Jethani
I am Manju Jethani.
"Happiness lies in the joy of Achievement and the thrill of creative expression!"

Sew and Hue was born from a need of creative expression.


Raised in New Delhi, India I learned the value of hard work and family from my parents through their own business. My mother instilled in me a sense of dedication to the task at hand through Cooking, dance lessons, and Drawing. At a very young age, I was given the responsibility to manage the whole house. My father gave me a business sense that is constantly pushing me to achieve more. My brother...constant encouragement. From my childhood, I had the want of being a fashion designer. I read magazines, watched lot of Fashion Shows on Television. I sketched outfits, covered my notebooks with cutouts and literally dreamed of a day when I could design and wear those pieces. I chose to get a Bachelors in Fashion Technology and I apprenticed with local boutique owners, gathering every bit of advice and guidance I could.


I got my first fashion job as a lecturer in one of the top fashion colleges in New Delhi. I taught fashion for more than nine years. My Second job was at an export house where I learnt merchandising and how to fulfil bulk orders start to finish. 

How we began





In Feb 2012 I got married to Sandeep who had done his Masters in Marketing and moved to Navi Mumbai and we both plotted the store in 2012 barely four months of our marriage.


With minimal Interiors and a limited budget, we set our dreams to one day be known for our good work.


Our shop space is only 475 Square feet and recently we completed our Five years in it. It is hard to run your own business. There are no 9-5 hours here. It is literally at least 65-70 hours a week of non-stop working. There is certainly no security. Some months I would panic that bills wouldn’t get paid. Other months I worried we didn’t have enough inventory or the landlord might try to sell the rented property.


But the happiness comes from having your own schedule and no one to push you but yourself. I wanted to fill a void in the women's market. I also wanted to create this place that would bring colour and confidence and happiness to a woman's day. Sometimes just having that one fantastic new outfit is all a woman needs to turn a bad day into a good one, I wanted to give a woman the confidence she needs going into an interview or to give that stay at home mom a reason to smile after that rare moment she treats herself.

I wanted to give women like me a bit of "happiness"  "Confidence" and "Smile" in a world that could all too often make her feel like she just wasn't "this" or "that."

I began asking our customers what they wanted to see in our stores. I took notes. And I went on a hunt for their wishes and wants. To make it feel like it was just as much their store as it was mine. No doubt, it has been the most challenging and fulfilling experience of my life. A notorious workaholic, I live for my store and for helping my customers find that perfect outfit. I call the store my Oxygen. If you keep me away from it I would start feeling anxious. You cannot walk into my store without seeing me in it. From the way we take care of our customers to the designs we choose..my soul is on display.

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