2019 Indian Summer Fashion Trends

We are in the fourth month of the new year, and the temperatures are already soaring. Summers are indeed that time of the year when we bring out those floral prints, bright colours and mix up our wardrobe.

The beginning of 2019 has shown a different, bold India. The Millennials seem full of energy, a different mindset to stand up and be heard. This generation isn’t ready to settle for things just because of status-quo. This new ready-to-face-the-world attitude is projected in the patterns and custom designs choices as well.

I have listed a few anticipated trends that I believe will find a growing audience this year that also closely reflects this outlook.

Denim Kurtis

The humble, hard-working and recognisable denim fabric is getting a new makeover. Long Kurtas with blue or black denim jeans have quite popular for a while. The growing trend is kurtis made of denim.

Denim Custom Kurti and Tops
Source: keepmestylish.com

Denim Kurtis carries custom embroidery or beautiful traditional prints, adding a conventional flavour to a trendy outfit.


The country is riding on the josh of this year’s super-hit move URI: The Surgical Strikes, further fuelled by Indo-Pak border situation; which will only continue to grow as the elections and the World Cup Cricket draw near. With the resurgence of a wave of nationalism across the country, donning a Khadi outfit seems appropriate.

Khadi has an undeniable strong cultural bond with the history of this great country. This unassuming fabric is the hottest trending fashion statement and will continue to find space on elite wardrobes and ramps this year.

You must get your hands on a hipster jacket or an off-shoulder kurta or layered tunic all made of Khadi. They look trendy and traditional at the same time.


Another Indian legacy is the colour Indigo. Indigo farmers were the earliest civil revolutionaries in the country. This colour which adorns the Ashoka Chakra on our national flag is fast finding rack-space in many wardrobes.

Various hues of Indigo are seen on long slit-kurtas, palazzos, woven sarees and tie-&-dye traditional patterns.

Kurtas with Shararas

This mix-and-match trend has caught on overtaking the palazzo fad. It isn’t a new fashion choice, but a few recent elite weddings caught the imagination of people who now seem to find this styling more in vogue.

Kurta with Sharara
Source: Preeti Tomar_Youtube

Kurtas with Shararas can be a bit tricky at times, where it can seem a bit overdone or overdressed if not careful. Shararas suits usually carry detailed embellishments. The style now is to ditch the suit and stick with the Sharara bottom and opt for a custom-designed stylish Kurta that adds a unique blend of style, class and hep at the same time.

Hybrid or Fusion Saree

Fusion Sarees are a uniquely Indian fashion trend that has been turning heads and rightly so. We saw these amazingly chic outfits recently in magazines and award shows, put on by our beautiful film stars.

Mix-and-match Fusion Saree or Hybrid Saree Trend
Source: citiliegs.com

Silk, velvet or even embroidered fabrics go well with this styling. This fusion allows a lot of scope for experimentation without making drastic additions to your wardrobe. There are two ways of making this trend work for you. Either get a custom designed hybrid saree made to fit you and offer you the perfect silhouette or the second option is to mix the right saree with another piece of clothing such as your LBD or denim jeans. The secret to looking awesome lies in the draping, which a good fashion stylist could help you figure out.

Would you like to be draped in the latest fashion trend?

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