How to pick the right outfit for my body type?

As one flips through all those glitzy fashion magazines, it is impossible to ignore those models and actresses of our industry, donning elegant beautiful lehengas, looking gorgeous in those designer blouses. The designs for a wedding, become more striking and desirable.

These models undoubtedly look pretty but the dresses they wear, are also very well designed to match their body type. Even for someone who does not have access to high-end India Fashion Week, it is possible to get equally stunning Bridal Lehengas or Designer Blouses made-to-order; by following a few sensible tips.

A bridal wardrobe or similar occasion wear needs to be chosen based on a few important considerations such as:

  • Body Type

  • Skin Tone

  • Fabric and its fall on one’s body

  • Time/place of the event

In this article, I want to offer a few simple tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right pattern or style, as per your body type. If you are interested in learning more about choosing the right fabric colour, you can read my previous article on picking a colour as per skin tone.

Body types predominately fall into a few broad categories:

• Pear-Shaped

• Apple-Shaped

• Hour-Glass

Some variations include:

  • Triangle-Shaped

  • Rectangle-Body

These may seem a bit confusing. Ideally all these types are based on three areas of the body. The top-half, hips and bottom. Depending on the body shape, once may identify oneself as top-heavy, bottom-heavy, a defined waistline, etc.

To keep things simpler, I would offer the following broad suggestions. I have been meeting with and talking to several ladies from different age groups; which has helped me understand their needs much better. I have offered some recommendation on which pattern or style goes well with certain body types especially when it comes to bridal blouses or bridal lehengas.

For a Curvy Body

  • This body type is Both Lehengas and Sarees goes well on this body type

  • This body type could be consider closer to an Apple-shaped body

  • Typical to this body type are a fuller torso and wider hips as compared to the shoulders

  • Legs and lower half of the body tends to be slimmer or narrow

  • Avoid anything that bunches the clothes around the waistline

  • Long Kurtas go very well with this body type

  • Kurtas with narrow bottoms,A-line Kurtas, empire-cut waistline with embellishments at neckline bring attention to the right places, without over-accentuating the body

  • Princess-cut from shoulders with an Anarkali waistline also works great


It is recommended to avoid certain fabrics and patterns for this body type:

Brocade and Jacquard Weave
Example of Brocade and Jacquard Weaves (Source:

  • Raw Silk

  • Brocades

  • Weaves

  • Jacquards

Ideally, avoid 'heavy' fabrics as these would not complement the body type and add more visible volume to the overall look.

Recommended Fabrics:
Lightweight Fabrics like Chiffon,Georgette, Chignon, Pure Crepes

For someone with Fuller Hips

Parineeti Chopra in Black Lehenga
Parineeti Chopra at Stardust Awards (Source: Pinterest)

  • This Body type may be considered as the Triangle shape or Pear-shaped; wider hips and comparatively narrower shoulders.

  • Ideal cut for this body type, would be a beautiful designer bridal blouse with a Princess Cut with double padding.

  • The padding will add some shape on the upper half of the body, give a complete balanced shape to the entire outfit.

  • Draped saree, Low waist Lehnga is recommended


  • Do not add too much volume to lehenga as it will make you appear bulky.

  • Avoid tube tops and Fishtail gowns.

Recommended Fabrics
Georgette, Georgette Brocade, Pure Silk (not Raw silk)

For someone with a Rectangular Body type

  • This body type refers to someone whose hips, bust and shoulders are almost the same width and the waistline not defined

  • For rectangular shaped body embellished blouse will work to make your upper body voluminous and curvy.

  • Embellished blouse with heavy lehenga with your mid waist in between will make you clinched and gorgeous.

  • You can also opt for layered outfits.

  • A draped or pleated dupatta will also add volume to your body, pleats at the right places can make you classy and balanced.

  • Choose fabrics that add volume and give a fuller look

Recommended Fabrics:
Raw Silk, Velvet

For someone with a Fuller Bust

  • This is a top-heavy body and a bit of appropriate styling below the waist would add a more desired effect

  • It is highly advised to avoid clingy or shaped-lehengas and/or sarees

  • Lehengas with desired cancan can give a fuller look to the lower torso

  • Wear long kurtas but without collars,

  • Straight-cut Kurtas with Palazzo also works great for this body type

  • Also recommended are Skirts and Pleated Trousers that drive the attention towards the lower half

Cancan Lehenga for a Fuller Bust
Cancan adds volume to the Lehenga balancing this body type (Source: Quora)


  • Thick and stiff fabrics are best avoided

  • So are heavy embroidery work and embellishments on neckline

  • Ladies with a fuller bust ideally should avoid boat necklines, collars, slit patterns,narrow bottoms and churidars.

Recommended Fabrics:
Lightweight fabrics for upper bodice like Georgette, Chiffon, Soft Silk and Dupion Silk. Woven and brocades for skirts and bottoms also work well for these body types.

Each body type has its range of options to choose from for their bridal dresses. Do not feel discouraged because you have a certain body shape. A trained stylist will help you figure out the right fabric, pattern and style that would suit your body type; and design a bridal blouse, a wedding saree, bridal lehenga or a custom occasion wear, just meant for you.

Book an Appointment today with our in-house designer to identify your body type and the ideal Bridal Outfit or evening wear.