What Bridal Colours will suit my skin tone?

This year, fans have experienced an onslaught of celebrity weddings, with some of the most eligible singles getting hitched. Each wedding photograph that ‘leaked’ into the media, seemed to outshine the previous one. Our beautiful star-brides epitomized the magic and aura of an Indian wedding.

Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Anushka Sharma Wedding Dresses
Instagram Sources: @ranveersingh, @virat.kohli, @anandahuja

The colours of India find its most exuberant expression at our weddings. There are perhaps hardly any wedding celebrations around the world that could match the melange and choice of colours our weddings offer. The showstopper of the day is the bride, who adds a touch of magic befitting the occasion, with her own bridal wear.

I am often asked by many brides-to-be; about choosing the right colour on their special day. Some of these questions go like these:

  • My favourite colour is green, but can I mix it with something red for the day?

  • Do you think pink wedding dress will go on my skin tone?

  • I want something very trendy and bold, will it suit me? What do you think?

A bride’s special day must make her feel comfortable in whatever she chooses, allowing her to exude confidence with grace. Since, our Indian bridal colour palate is wide-ranging, it is possible to find the right colours that best compliments one’s skin tone while yet being trendy, radiating warmth and feel like royalty.

The positive note is, each skin-tone offers a variety of options, and a good designer will work closely with the bride, in helping her arrive at the best option, after understanding her body type, skin tone, colour preferences, etc.

I have listed some colours that go well with certain skin-tones and the ones best avoided; this may help one decide colours for their bridal lehenga.


Fair-skinned brides tend to have a large palate of colours to pick from. Most colours go well with this skin-tone. Though certain colours add a lot more to the overall persona of the bride.

Bridal Colours for fair skin like rose pink, fuschia, mid purple, yellow orange
Image Sources: Wedmegood, Pinkvilla, Kayshaweiner.com

Colours best-suited for Fair Skin-tone:

Yellow Orange Fuchsia, Rose Pink, Mid Purple tend to complement this skin-tone very well. Apart from these, most other colours go well on fair skin

Colours best avoided by Fair Skintones:

  • Very Bright Colours


This skin tone is quite common to India especially and many ladies who visit my boutique often feel they do not have many options when it comes to their bridal wardrobe choices. This is not entirely true, since there are many colours that can bring out the warmth and tone of such a beautiful complexion.

Bridal Colours for Wheatish Skin such as deep yellow, sky blue, midnight blue
Image Sources: @kismat(pinterest), @jasminebxins (pinterest), Urbanclap/DipakStudios

Colours best-suited for Wheatish Skin:

Choose Deep Yellow, Peacock Green, Pink, Mid-Blue, Onion Pink, Sky Blue as colours of choice

Colours best avoided by Wheatish Skin:

  • Try not to keep away from very flashy colours

  • Avoid Pastels shades


Dark or Dusky skin tones, gives the opportunity to flaunt some deep rich colours that involves darker shades of red or blue or greens. These colours look regal and bring out the inner princess.

Royal Blue, Wine Red, Bottle Green or Maroon Colours for Dusky Skin
Image Sources: @pambhullar(pinterest), wedmegood.com

Colours best-suited for Dark Skin:

Pick deep colours such as Maroon, Bottle Green, Royal Blue, Wine Red to gain a rich, royal, elegant look

Colours best avoided by Dark Skin:

  • Avoid bright neon colours

These are some suggestions based on my experience as a boutique designer & stylist. The colour recommendations for bridal outfits are broad guidelines; but not essentially a rule. Some like to defy norms and make a fashion statement.

Do keep in mind though, many celebrities who do make such statements, usually tend have a team of designers and stylists selecting, prepping, and adjusting the outfit until its ready for that final reveal.

Feel free to contact me via our Facebook page or form, in case you need any help choosing the right colours, patterns and style for your bridal lehenga or wedding dress.