Which Fabrics should I consider for the Summer season?

#Indiansummers are notoriously hot and most of them are humid as well. Though most of our times nowadays are spent in air-conditioned cars, offices, homes, and malls, the clothes that you wear through the day makes a lot of difference in how you feel.

Many of my customers and even relatives, hate stepping out during summer days and will avoid it as much as they can. Of course, walking out in the sun without sunscreen or an umbrella especially around mid-day isn’t ideal, but when you do want to go out, your clothes must not make you sweat at the very thought of stepping out.

Summer Collection 2019
Summer Collection at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai (Source: OutlookIndia.com-43/4649)

I always recommend my beloved customers to keep a few simple things in mind when it comes to summer wear. Wearing light or natural fabrics do not have to be boring. There are a lot of options to mix-and-match your wardrobe during the summer months.

A few must-have fabrics for the season are:

  • Cotton Muslin

  • Cotton Linen

  • 100% Cotton Fabrics

  • Khadi

  • Chambray

  • French Lace

As you must have noticed, the best bets are light-weight, natural fibers, that allows breathability making you feel cooler, as you function through another hot humid summer day.

My style tips for this summer are:

Muslim Cotton Dress
Woman in Muslin Cotton (Source: Wikipedia)
  1. Invest in Cotton Muslin Fabric Printed Cotton is a summer favourite and will find its rightful space in every summer wardrobe. Beautiful one-piece dresses or long kurtis with a dash of colour on flaring pyjamas will offer excellent contrasts to a simple, elegant yet lively ensemble. Printed Cotton is also an ideal fabric to design flared gowns. Bonus Fact: Muslin was the biggest and prized export of pre-Independence India, from Dhaka, Bengal (now Bangladesh) before the British East India Company destroyed the industry.

  2. #PrintedCotton is here to stay This light and easy-breathe fabric will find a lot of takers this summer. There are so many design possibilities with this beautiful cloth. This fabric can be used to create long tunic styling or printed short or long one-piece dresses. Layered Muslin Kurtis or Tops made of Printed Cotton also offer trendy alternatives.

  3. Solids are a solid buy Cotton solids are an excellent choice for office wear. Linen also comes in different solid shades including cool blue, baby pink, and others. Solids allow you to carry your cool to work be it in a #cotton or #linen outfit. Pleated pants in 100% cotton with formal cotton shirts are an excellent style combination that is sure to draw some deserving attention.

Trendy Summer Long Kurta with Pleated Pyjama
Alia in a Trendy Summer Dress (Source: Hushgloss.com)

A 5-meter length of the humble 100% cotton fabric is the best canvas to design some of the best summer outfits that will make you look hot while keeping you cool.

I am excited to sketch and design for the upcoming season. If you are keen to know about your fabric options for the upcoming summer season, feel free to call me or book an appointment at Sew and Hue here.